Hluhluwe Horse Safaris prides itself for its excellent care of its horses. Dedicated caretakers are trained and appointed to provide the best care possible. Our horses are free wandering and twice-daily return to the stables for additional feeding and caretaking. We stable Boerperd, Thoroughbred and Paint Horses. All our horses are trained western style and engage in Natural horsemanship training. We use a combination of Western and English tack.

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email: info@hluhluwehorsesafaris.co.za

Bullet - Breed: Boerperd

Tshoks - Breed: Paint horse

Tshoks grew up at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi game reserve as a ranger horse and came to Hluhluwe Horse Safaris at 20 years of age. He is the oldest horse of the herd but still loves to go out for a ride. He is used to all kinds of animals and therefore very suitable for our trails and the non-experienced rider. But make no mistake, he still fancies a good run if you'll let him!

Bullet is, as his name suggests, a very fast and strong horse and can only be ridden by the experienced rider. He very much enjoys his role as the leading horse during our horse trails. Bullet joined us in 2014 and at the beginning he was quite skitish and afraid of humans, but now he found his niche and is sweet as can be.

Camelot - Breed: Anglo- Arab

Lancelot - Breed: Anglo- Arab

Lancelot, the foal of Camelot, and as his mom Anglo-Arab. He is very curious and frolic and is growing up fast. He was changing colors almost like the seasons all the time, but now it seems that he has found his true colors, a beautiful mottled greyish-white! Lancelot will join our trails group in the future.

Camelot came to us end of October 2014 and was somewhat skinny when she arrived although  she had a 'strange' belly and her udders were thicker than normal! After the vet was called in we heard to our surprise that she was pregnant and after only three weeks we had an extra horse, a beautiful stallion foal and we named him Lancelot. Now his mother is able to join in again on our trails and both mother and child are loving it!

Bundu - Breed: Boerperd

Attila - Breed: Boerperd

Attila joined us at the beginning  of June 2015 from the Drakensberg. He lacked quite a bit of training but after a few months of hard work he is back on track again and is trotting the trails like never before! He is very suitable for the non- aswell as for the more experienced rider!

Bundu is one of our first horses, he came here in 2012. He already was an experienced  trail horse and these days also likes to be the leader of the pack! He is very suitable for the non-experienced rider, never in a hurry when he's walking, but can go very fast in trot and canter with an experienced rider!

Grace - Breed: Thoroughbred

O'Malley - Breed: Anglo- Arab

O'Malley used to walk trails almost all her life before she came to our stables. After a few months we found out that she is also pregnant! 0'Malley will join the trails again a couple of months after the foal is born wich can be any moment now. Because O'Malley misses one eye we named her after the female pirate Grace 'O Malley.

Grace came at the same time as Bullet. She wasn't ridden for a while but after a few months of proper training she was ready to join our outdoor rides again and now even children love to ride her! She can be a little grumpy lady in the stables sometimes, but outside the stables she behaves like a true lady should. She's an adorable horse!